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First of all, you've probably noticed my website has a new look! I'll be doing some special giveaways and things like that as part of my official relaunch please stay tuned! But until then, I figured it might be nice to catch up the blog part a bit!

Second of all, meet my new business partner (and buddy), Cappuccino! She's been keeping me company while I create new games and products. She even has her own Instagram that she shares with her half-sister Pebbles.

(Okay, honestly? I needed a picture for this post so the front of my webpage wouldn't show any empty box. But she's a cutie, isn't she?)

Anyway, I've been working on some new interactive PowerPoint game series that are now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. One of these series is Line and Space Invasion! It's an interactive, animated space-themed activity centered around the lines and spaces of the staff. Choose the correct answer and your rocket launches off into space! Choose incorrectly and all systems have failed!!! Two different versions are available....check out the preview video below:

The other series that I'm excited about is called We SPY. Read the clue and take a close look at the picture......the answers are all in front of you! Have fun with it.....there's often more than one answer to the clue. If you find the answer, you'll reveal a hidden rhythm. So far, I have three different rhythm levels available. Or save some time and just get the bundle! I'm hoping to add more rhythm levels and even some solfa levels very soon. In the meantime, here's a preview of the PowerPoint game interaction. (You'll have to imagine picking cards with clues!)

If you like these interactive games and you're looking for others, click here!

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