Flip Four

Have you ever taken fun 12"x12" scrapbooking paper and cut it down to 8.5"x11" to feed into your printer?

You can print on either side! That's what I did tonight to make a rhythm game called Flip Four. This game is inspired by a math game I've seen played in one of the elementary schools where I've previously taught.

The concept is simple! Find 4 different colors or patterns of paper. You can either print on both sides (some fancy printers can do that automatically.....mine is having trouble just printing ONE side right now!!!) or you can print one side and hand-write the other. I printed my musical rhythms on the blank side and my beat/column number on the pattern side.

Arrange your four colors or patterns into four columns like the picture below.

Then simply flip one over in each column and read from left to right:

I've made this a freebie on my TpT store, so head over there to download it!

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