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For those that know me, I am an avid crafter. Maybe even a little obsessed? I am always trying to learn some sort of new craft and even though I'm not an expert in all, I enjoy trying my hand at various genres. My latest ventures have been stamp carving and this:

Alexander Pegilton.....I mean, Hamilton
Bob Ross....a request from my brother (a huge fan)

...hand-painted peg people! You may remember that I even combined the two crafts recently with this idea:

Although, to be fair, I did not carve that stamp.....I cut it out of foam. A shortcut of sorts. 

Anyway, after hours spent on Pinterest, I got the nerve up to try painting an entire set for the elementary classroom. One of my favorite beginning-of-the-year objectives in Kindergarten is vocal exploration. It's so much fun to vocalize rollercoasters, sirens, and best of all, animal sounds! So what better way to get the animal sounds going than to use Old MacDonald? So I painted a set to go along with the classic song. It's not comprehensive, of course.....that song can go on for lots more verses, but this set would get you going. 

You could pass out the peg dolls and have the students raise them up when their verse is sung (and let those willing sing it as a solo) or it would make a great play center for them to sing the song in small groups to each other.

If you're interested in purchasing my playset, head over to my Etsy store. While you're there, look around for some other great vocal exploration masks and manipulatives!

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