Keeping the Beat

The steady beat is a fundamental skill that musicians need and can be practiced in a million and one ways. Pat your legs, tap your head, walk around, use an instrument, pass a ball.....those are just a few! Many years ago, before getting a fancy projector, I printed out beat sheets for each student in my class. The fun part they liked was that each paper had different hearts. Something as simple as getting a different sheet each time made it interesting to the kids every time we pulled out the beat sheets! I wish I had some pictures of this, but I don''s what some of them look like from my TpT file though:

You can have the students point and touch the hearts while singing which is great for hands-on, tracking left-to-right practice as well pre-reading practice skills.

When projectors were installed and technology was encouraged, the hearts got animated. When you tap the space bar to the steady beat, the hearts appear automatically to show that you've kept the beat. If they go too fast or slow, just press the back arrow and try again.

To get 20 slides of hearts for printing or using as interactive animated beats, follow this link to my TpT store!

Keeping the Beat

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